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Kotaro's Characters!

Post  Kotaro Kuya on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:45 pm

Here is my character list!
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Re: Kotaro's Characters!

Post  Kotaro Kuya on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:46 pm

Name: Zane Alsanai

Universe: Original

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: Zane is tall at 6'3" and is muscular and toned in body shape. His skin is a darkened paleness, having been under his suit most of his life. His eyes are a dark blue {Though when his abilities are being used they change from red(Tech Powers)To a white(Magic Powers) glow}. He has silver hair, stylized under his armor in a spiky fashion, sticking backwards and towards the sky. He has a scar that travels from the bottom of each eye though his entire neck. They also glow in response to his abilities.

His body is covered in the AW-12 Battle Suit. The Suit is actually a marvel of Technological and Bio-Engineering, being given to the the Special Forces Units of the PMC's on Zane's planet, Vesco 9. The suit is given to the soldiers upon joining their PMC and upgraded as the are promoted. The suit grows and melds with the wearer but is still able to be removed, only wearable by its owner via a special Neural scan in the spinal section. The color differs depending on the PMC, Zane's own being colored Silver on the main plating, the secondary plating detailed in a crimson red, and the the body mat full black. The helmet is a mix of over 14 components that disconnect and fold into the armor when not in use.

Personality: Unlike most Mercenaries in PMC''s, Zane is quiet and intelligent as well as a curious man, which tends to get him in trouble, mostly because he forces it upon himself. When he sees a problem, he can't rest until its fixed and resolved, even if he end up hurt in the process, or goes against orders. He has an undying need to protect those close to him even at the cost of his own life. Because of this, he is continuously injured, though he has miraculously survived without any major damage to his body(Mostly due to his suit). Most of the time it’s just dumb luck, which he graciously praises once he survives.

He is often used due to his naive personality, which can get him into trouble, and has many times had to clear his name from wrongs he had been thought to have caused. Luck seems to always be on his side on these occasions, usually prevailing. Though luck can only take him so far, he believes that it is an actual force in the universe and is a random occurrence to life.

In combat, Zane’s personality takes a slight change. Although he keeps his positive outlook, even smiling when he is in danger, he becomes far less trusting, making sure not to stop fighting unless he is sure he is the victor, or he knows there is no one left to protect and needs to run. He usually tries to avoid fights, but accepts that in this world it is needed to make a change. However, that doesn't stop him from attempting to find peaceful solutions in life.

Sight of Equality: After witnessing the Caste system in effect and inequality of the people, Zane became disgusted with how it is those seen as lesser beings could be stepped on. Committing himself to achieving perfect equality for the people of the land, Zane is pushed on by the memory of witnessing the consequences of those who step up for themselves, seeing their deaths firsthand. Its the memory of those deaths that drives him.

Finding his Purpose: Although not a deep believer in fate, Zane believes that everyone in life has a purpose to their life. Still unsure of what his purpose is, Zane is determined to discover it before his life ends.

God-Complexes/Superiority: Zane absolutely despises those who follow a god complex or see themselves as a superior being to others. He has a strong sense of equality (Which helps explain his naive attitude.) to everyone, no matter what it is they have done in their life or how strong or weak they are.

Warmongers/ Fighting Enthusiasts: Although understanding fighting is necessary in this world, Zane dislikes those that see fighting as a fun sport rather than a necessary action needing to be taken.

Being Useless: Even with what little power Zane has, he uses his full abilities to help and protect those around him. Because of his desire to protect, knowing there is nothing he can do is one of the few things that enrages him.

Failing to Protect: Zane’s desire to protect is so strong, that he fears failing even once. The fear is so powerful that he will throw himself at death's door in order to fulfill his objective of protection. If he does fail, he will enter a powerfully angry and depressed state, separating himself from everyone and refusing to do anything but sulk.

History: Zane was born onto the planet of Vesco 9, a planet colonized in the year 2341 by humanity. Upon its colonization, the planet was conquered not by a nation, but a group of business' and corporations that wished to drain it of all its resources. However, the competition was so high that it actually broke into war, each company hiring a many PMC's and hired goons to aid in their goal for the most resources.

Zane was born into a family that ran a PMC known as the 4 tomb's. From childhood he was trained as a soldier, but his older brother still found ways to give him a decent childhood experience as well. This lead to a calm collected moral soldier that would act on his own if he believed it was right. Even though this left his family to see him as a problem, he prioved to be an excellent soldier.

After working in 4 Tomb's up to his 19th Birthday, he was granted the use of the AW-12 Battle Suit by the PMC This enhanced his capabilities even further, though he had begun to question whether or not his families PMC was doig what was right. on his 21'st birthday, he witnessed his family slaughter a village that was deemed under them. Enraged, he broke off from his family PMC and murdered every single soldier that had committed the slaughter.

Breaking off and stealing his families only Mecha, the Raiden, Zane became known as the Reaper of the planet Vesco 9, being a lone warrior that fought for his vision of justice. However, he soon founded his own PMC known as Lost Leaf, which focused on security and safety missions, trying to free the planet of the corporations and PMC's that ruled it.

Kinesis: Kinesis is technology that allows human engineers and construction crews to move large masses easily in almost any environment. Hands-on Zero-Point applications have found use not only space-borne construction, but also on planetary projects where bulkier construction exoskeletons and machinery are not suited, nor welcome. However, PMC's have discovered its use in combat and many missions without the use of any form of construction. Kinesis works by projecting a tube of crackling white energy (an artificial gravity field) from the glove slip's palm emitter pad. Once grabbed by the leading edge of the energy tube, the desired object's gravity is presumably nullified and drawn toward the wielder. Small objects will stop about a foot from the pad, suspended in midair, while movable objects like rail pallets and shutters come as close as their connections allow. Deactivation of the Kinesis effect releases the object, leaving it to fall in the direction of the nearest gravitational center of mass. However, reversing the tube's polarity any time after achieving latch-on causes the object to be thrown away from the wielder with a velocity inversely proportional to the distance from the palm emitter pad.

Stasis: Stasis is a field of science and technology based on advanced quantum physics.[1] The Stasis Module is used to temporarily slow all motion of both organic and inorganic material, relative to normal time, and functions by creating a temporal stasis field in a designated volume around the targeted objective. It was first used by police to capture criminals, but PMC's added the device to the suit to allow the capture of HVP's and stop any large objects for a slight amount of time to keep from being killed. The Stasis field however can only be used 4 times before needing recharged with a stasis pack.

Rune Master: Upon the discovery of magical runes left by a civilization known as the Phueno's, PMC's paid top dollar to acquire at least one single rune. The runes are capable of elemental magic only, such as the ability to manipulate fire, water, earth, Wind, etc. Zane is in the position of a flame rune which is emblazoned upon his right hand. However, in order to perform the magic on the rune, the user must utter the word of the element in the civilizations language and be touching the symbol. Zane must speak, "Pheske" In order to activate and deactivate the rune. It merely allows the manipulation of the element, not the generation.

Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, and Durability: Zane's suit has enhanced his body over its use. Bio-Engineering allowed it to adapt to his situations, seeing his body as the main cause. Therefore, it implemented the use of nano-bots given by Zane's PMC into his blood stream, making his body hit the point of human perfection. The suit itself adds to this, making him super human.

Weapons/Possessions: All of Zane's weapons are stored in an alternate dimension, which he summons through the use of his suits technology. Each weapon has a specific signature which the suit locks onto and pulls toward it. Zane's weapons range from a wide variety of firearms and enhanced melee weapons (Which I will add as he obtains them.) That allow him to adapt to his situations.He also has a small blade of energy that jets from the suit's left wrist in need of emergencies.

The Raiden: The 4 Tomb's only known Mecha, the Raiden is a powerful Mech Warrior, only able to be piloted of those who carry the AW-12 Suit. The Mecha uses a Psycho-Frame to enhance its capabilities and is equipped with dual Beam Sabers and firearms that are held in an alternate Dimension.(Mega-Bazooka, Beam Rifle, Tungstan round rifle.) It is 16.6 meters in head height. It matches the color of Zane's suit to the last detail and the cockpit is found in the chest area.
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