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Wolfsoul's Charries!

Post  Wolfsoul on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:42 am

Personal Info::

Name: Jeremy Jeffrey Wilson©️
Nickname: Jer ((Also known as Jer-bear by his sister.))
Age: 16! Woop woop.
Gender: Pretty sure I'm a guy. You can check if you want to, though, ladies Wink
Crush: Only just got here!
Relationship Status: Single and ready to partay! XD
Sexual Orientation: Straight. Deffinately straight.
Personality: Awesome! *Laughs.* No no, in all seriousness, I'm a pretty cool guy. Lively, energetic - but not as much as my sister - playful, jokester, flirty... Maybe slightly perverted - blame my friend Jason for that! Uhhh, what else?... Oh! Really close to my sister, Bex and a huge Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider fan, as well as a huge music lover and an awesome guitar player! :D
Country: Rule Britania, Britania rule the waves! XD
History: Ehhh, don't have much history, nothing fascinating, really, unless you call the death of your parents fascinating, which I certainly don't :/ Me and my sister live with our aunt now, who we're not really fond of - she's not a very fun person - so when she gave us these tickects to go on a cruise, we jumped at the chance to do something exciting.
Physical Appearance::

Eye color: Metallic blue, like a grey-ish blue with a bit of shine to it, it's hard to explain.
Piercings: Nuh uh.
Tattoos: Maybe in the future, but for now, nope.
Hair color: Black.
Room looks:

Personal Info::

Name: Rebecca Wilson©️
Nickname: Please just call me Bex. Me no likey Rebecca DX
Age: 18
Gender: I'm deffinately a girl :D
Crush: Ohhh, lets see, a certain someone called Alex Pettyfer jumps to my mind XD Like I'd ever get a date with a celebrity though!
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight :)
Personality: I can be a little crazy sometimes. I'm happy all the time, super friendly... Uhhh... Into music - my parents where very music orientated and they made me and Jer huge music lovers too - and I can play both guitar and piano. I also have a little thing you stylish clothes, and purple :3 I'll stick up for my friends and stuff and will be their shoulder to cry on and advice giver and all that jazz so... Yeah... Can't really think of much else to say XD
Country: England, Britain
History: Uhhhh... I guess Jeremy's mentioned the important stuff... But I guess I could mention that our parents died last year and they died when a pub they went to for a night out caught on fire... Anyways, moving on!

Physical Appearance::

Eye color: Metallic blue, like my brother's :D
Piercings: Nope.
Tattoos: Nuuuu! I have a kinda hatred for tattoos.
Hair color: Light brown.
Room looks:

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