I was Loved Once

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I was Loved Once

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:42 pm

I was loved once, but that was when I was a small and fluffy pup. It was the best thing ever, you played with me and let me on the bed, but as a grew bigger you didn't seem to love me anymore. My round puppy face grew and looked more like a dog then a pup. The kids never said anything to my anymore.

Then one day. You let me out side and told me to stay, so I sat and waited for you to return. Once the door opened again what I found inside was someone new. A new pup sitting on the couch, the kids laughed as it licked their face. My ears fell back on my head and I let my tail hang. They clearly didn't love me any more. Then out of no where you tossed a rope around my neck and drug me out the door, with power you had never used before. I was scared as you lead me to the truck.

I went to leap into the back seat like I always did, but you pulled me away and made me get in the bed of the truck. It was snowy and cold out side, so I hunkered down and hide while we drove. I waited for a long time until the truck stopped. I stood and looked around we where at a small red building lined with cages. I was scared and went back to hide and you pulled me out of the truck. No no no not here. I though, but you took me inside, telling that man at the counter you didn't have time for me anymore. My ears fell back on my head as he took the rope from your hand. He drug me away and I looked back at you pleading for you to save me, but you just walked out the door.

I was so scared I couldn't contain myself. I began to yelp and cry. Other dogs came to the doors of their cages, watching as I was placed in my own cage. I darted to the back and stayed there, day and night for days. They would slide a bowl under the door every morning, but I wouldn't eat. I was forced to use the bathroom where I slept. The days past as other people past the cages they would glace in at me but turn and walk away after a few seconds.

But then, a few days after you had left me there I heard your voice. I leapt up and ran to the door of my cage, hoping you were there to pick me up again, but no you weren't. I watched as the man from the front counter walked past me, he had the puppy from the house in his arms. How dare you, you replaced me with one and gave him up, and you would surely get another. I heard his quiet yelps from the cage next to me. I watched as people came in and left with other dogs, and hoped that my day would soon come. But I also watched as dogs were dragged into a room where they would yelp and scream until the door was closed.

Lucky for him the pup next to me was taken buy a nice young woman, who talked to him about how much fun they would have. After the second week I began to loose hope. I curled into my corning and waited, waited for the man to came back and take me to the room. And the next day he did. I new what was going to happen. So I just let my head hang. He took me into the back room and I placed me on the table. I don't know why you did this to me. I just hope you never get another dog. If i had words I would tell the man to never let you get the animals here, but I couldn't. With a shot I was gone, no longer on this earth. How could you do this to me?

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