Ryu's Chars

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Ryu's Chars

Post  FoxBoySRB on Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:52 pm

Name: Ryuji Katsumi
Nickname: Ryu
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 17
Real Age: 18
Race: Demon
Personality: Ryuji will always stay loyal, like a dog he desperately relies on his instincts and his own sense of "right" and "wrong". A true law enforcer, he is the kind of guy who will protect people in need, yet he is quite a loner. Being a Human/Demon hybrid his personality splits in two. It can occur at random time intervals, which can sometimes portray his endless struggle with his inner demon.

His Human personality will most likely show kindness, concern and sense of purity. Though he is a man led by his emotions it isn't unusual to see him break down under pressure and fear of his inner self.

While his Human personality tends to last longer, his inner Demon likes to impact a lot of negative traits in the short time it has. His personality shifts completely and he becomes oblivious to other peoples feelings.


Eye Color: Green (His right eye changes into red when the demonic personality takes over)
Hair Color: Black

When he wears a broken mask to hide his eye:

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