||Still hanging over the edge|| Derek's Life

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||Still hanging over the edge|| Derek's Life

Post  BloodyRazorBlade on Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:41 pm


Derek was born on September 11th 1987, First he was always that smiley and happy kid always jumping around like he owned the place. He was in love with Wolves and there Ability's, and also for the strength and taking prey down in a heart beat. But even though he went to school with a smile on his face he never had a good child hood or a happy family. Truth is he was beaten everyday of his life and he was never really the happiest kid anymore he use to go to school and sit at the lunch table alone and just sit there he never really ate. Even at school he was bullied and pushed around and threatened with his life. But when he got older he was still bullied but when time came he just couldn't handle it anymore he was the one who started to fight of his life he started to punch and beat the shit out of the kid who put him threw hell. After the fight the kid could barley move how damaged he was, Derek walked off with no care in the world but he was always the happy kid but beating someone up broke his heart because he never wanted to turn out to be the heartless kid but when he got older the more he didn't care and the more people were terrified of him He worked out everyday he got so built and buff that he could literally take someone down and break there neck in a heart beat. But his life is quite interesting and scary when he got in his 20's he got obsessed with hurting people that he would trap them in his basement and torture them. In till a group of younger teens trapped his family in the basement and burned his house down. Killing everyone but Him life went too hell he still lives in the very house it happen in. He never talks but he did get trapped in a basement and got chained up when that happen his life went even worse. He was arrested more then two times and he was put in a sponge room he would be put in there for more then 4 hours a Day. Then he decided to break out afterwards no one ever found him again in till a girl named Olivia did. He could only trust her she fell for him as he fell for her. When they begun to date they dated for over 4 years. In till he thought it was time to ask her to marry him he asked her in the most romantic way. He took her into the woods were there were a perfect lighting and food and beautiful flowers. When he asked her too marry him they were together for 5 years then she died Derek was never happy after he lost something he loved with his dear heart. After wards he hated everything girls would flirt with him he would either tell them to back the fuck off or get the hell out of here. He would never fall for another girl ever. But for this very moment he still lives in the house that was burned down he still sits on his stair case and wish for his wife Olivia everyday.

Take a breath
Hold it in
Start a fight
You won't win
Had enough
Let's begin
I don't care

All in all
You're no good
You don't cry
Like you should
Let it go
If you could
When love dies in the end

So I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here
For the rest of my life

Here we go
Does it hurt
Say goodbye
to this world
I will not
Be undone
Come to life
It gets worse

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