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Im still working on it through

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The Vampire’s Life
By: Ashley Bergie
Chapter 1: The Past
I never thought watching someone die because of you feeding on them could be so painful. You’re just thinking. Wondering how they feel at that moment. If their scared, worried about how they let their family down. Even if they did something wrong, you always feel sorry for them. I know it’s wrong for a vampire to feel this way but it was true. I felt bad feeding of people who did nothing wrong. If they did it would be a different story like broke into a bank for something like that. The thing was I never wanted to be like this. I had a perfect life before this happened to me. A loving mom and dad, a perfect older brother who was always nice to me. All that gone just because of a walk through the woods. A day of looking for a deer herd to watch and a meadow to relax in. But that day all changed when I stepped foot in the meadow.
I had the weird feeling of being watched but I thought nothing of it. I knew no one was there because no one else knew about this small meadow on our land. I only found out one night when I got lost. I tried to find the trail back to our farm but came across the meadow instead. It was a nice hidden meadow in the woods. There were flowers, trees to sit in along with some bushes that had fruit on them. Everything a ten year old girl would be excited about all built into a nineteen year old girl. But that day. That day changed my day forever. I was lying in the middle of the meadow. I was relaxing until I heard a small crack from one of the trees. I only thought it was the wind or an animal running in the trees. But my thoughts were wrong. In just a quick second my leg felt like it was on fire. That made me sit up fast and snap open my eyes. I looked at my leg seeing teeth marks and blood. Just by the scent filling the air I was scared something evil could be around and try to kill me with the scent of fresh blood in the air. The sight of the blood sliding down the sides of my leg, staining the grass and flowers as it slide down and dripped off the bottom of my leg. I was lying down and I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. I held my leg in pain as I held back a loud scream. I got up slowly trying to fight back the pain that was coming from my leg right now. I tried to limp away and get back home until I heard someone call my name from right hind me. “Amber….” As I heard this it sent a chill down my back as I slowly turned around. I was afraid to see what called my name because I never heard that voice ever in my life and no one knew about the meadow and I made sure no one was following me. As I turned the pain dulled very slowly but it wasn’t fast enough cause my leg was still on fire.
I turned and saw a in a leather jacket with no shirt under. He was very large and had large muscles. He looked like he was my age but he seemed different then guys my age. Maybe he saw what happened. As he slowly walked to be I held my leg the best I could. The only thing after that was seeing an evil smirk come across his face as I pasted out from the pain and the venom from the male vampire. I didn’t know it yet but that day would be the last my life was normal. The rest of my like would be like hell. Because of this vampire I was never so be around human without feeling like ripping out their throat.
The next day when I woke up my throat was burning like crazy. It felt like I never drank anything in the past year or something. It was hard to breath because of how dry my throat was. How long was I out? Did this dude go kill my family? All these questions were running through my head right now. I looked down at my leg and saw the scar of where I was bitten. I looked around the meadow seeing I didn’t leave the spot I last remembered. My leg was fine now but it still had some dry blood still on it where the bite mark was. That’s what gave it away that it wasn’t a dream or even a day dream. It was real and so was the guy. The one that gave me an evil grin before it all went black. Remembering the guy I rolled onto my stomach and stood up fast but faster than normal. I looked around and in the tree trying to find where this guy went. Did he leave or was he watching very move I made? I slowly started to back out of the meadow back onto the trail I came in on. I saw nothing in front of me so I turned fast and ran out of the meadow. That’s when I found out my skills I never had before. The skills that were given to me at the new birth of my vampire life……
Chapter 2: Finding Out
As I ran I didn’t want to look back thinking he was following me. All I wanted to do was get home to my family and make sure they were alright. But as I ran things seemed different in my eyes. I could hear things I never could hear before. Like animals playing but the animals were miles away deeper in the woods then I was. I didn’t want to worry about it until I got home and drank something. My mouth started to burn along with my gums. At the thought of drinking something my throat tingled and he pain in my gums grew. As the pain grew and grew I fell to my knees holing my mouth. It felt like it was braking or something cause of how bad the pain was. I felt something sharp pop out painful out of my gums. When the pain finally gave away I felt my mouth with my tongue. It hit something sharper causing it to poke a hole in my tongue. It was one of my teeth shaper then all the others. I stood up started off running again. Something was happening to me and I wanted to find out what the hell it was. I started to run faster then I did in my life. I had to get home and see what was happening to me. I wanted to make sure it was a dream. I hoped it was a dream. Cause of all this I started to cry thinking it was killing me or something. As I cried I wiped the tears but found it wasn’t the normal water. It was blood. The red blood that ran through your body.
At the sight of it scared to so much. I thought I was dying or something. Normal people don’t bleed out of their eyes.

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