look who finally returned.

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look who finally returned.

Post  BloodyRazorBlade on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:17 pm

Hello to the people who may never see this.
So i'm a year and a half into College, also that i'm no longer into Dental i'm going for Forensic Science. Weird way to state that i'm back. Haha
Anyways I was sitting on my couch and noticed a little stack of notebooks i never seemed to use anymore. Loads of paper in them, but i searched through them all an noticed a paper with this sites address on it. so i attended to get on, if anyone still get's on i'd like to know because i sort of miss you guys. I might just be saying that who knows? I got a phone in case you guys want to message me or call me? I actually live in Colorado at the moment trying to get use to it.
So i'm still razor i'll still go bipolar on all of you.
But till then

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