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 D E A D   S I L E N C E
story by: ParanoiacRazor

One day there was this girl, she just got out of college and she was moving into a new house. the house was gorgeous, perfect and modern. My best friend Riley was at her own house about 3 blocks down. We were on the phone talking and laughing while unpacking We both had kids. I had a new born and a 8 year old both girls, as riley had two boys one was two years old and the other was 5 years old.  When we finished packing the house was silent at night, peaceful and quiet. I was in the rocking chair in the babies room with my husband. Rocking my newborn to sleep as my husband was playing with my 8 year old. I get a phone call i set my newborn in the crib and pick up the phone. 
"Hello." i said leaning on the wall.
"Mariah!" Riley said with a panic
"Yes? who is this?" i said nervous
"It's riley!" Riley said with a stutter
"Riley whats wrong?" i got even more nervous finding out it was Riley.
"Im in my basement with my 5 year old, something is in my boys room. with my 2 year old." riley said whispering
"riley...." i said shaking before i heard noises from rileys side.
Riley was silent she had the baby monitor with her in her hand. She could hear Static and crackling noises coming from the baby monitor. After then the baby was crying, i heard the door open from rileys side of the phone and it was her husband.
"Greyson! go check in the boys room!!! there something in there!!" Riley screamed out to Greyson (her husband). After that everything went silent again intill her husband spoke and the baby monitor went silent.
"come...here....now" Greyson yelled at the top of his lungs. Riley got up and darted off up the stairs leaving her 5 year old in the corner alone. Riley had the phone in here hand, I was having tears and stood there clenching my fist praying for Riley. Then i could hear crying noises from riley she was in her boys room. 
"theirs blood everywhere.....and my boy slaughtered" Riley dropped to her knees and cried so hard. then all you could hear is her 5 year old screaming from the basement. Riley stood there already knowing what was happening she had no chance of saving him if she couldn't save her baby. 
"Mariah....look outside you're window..." Riley said having a deep breathe. I looked outside my window and wondered why
"Do you see anything unusual? Or anyone along the streets?" I took a deep look and saw a figure rocking back and forth between two houses. 
"I see...a weird figure rocking back and forth..." i said to riley.
"Lock the doors, grab you're two girls have you're husband with you. Lock everything up NOW!" Riley said seriously and grabbing onto her husband. I locked everything up grabbing my two girls and sitting in the corner with my husband. 
"Im on my way." riley said as it sounded like she was taking to the police as she was so. I sat there holding my newborn with my dear life. The first step of my staircase creaked. then the second then the third. I got up and hurried to try to open the window. It was bullet proof the only way to open it was with sharp things. I got up and so did my husband we set the girls on the bed. We but the crib infront of the door and we both turned our backs and then we looked back....the door was wide open...crib was gone...girls were gone.. I paniced and ran down stairs i turned and looked seeing my two girls hanging from the shandalier. Riley said she was here. I walked out not seeing her 
"Umm i dont see you?"
"But im here" Riley said
"Umm Riley i dont see you." I said nervously
"Wait someones coming out." Riley walked closer and closer. 
"Riley that isnt m-" the phone cut off i only heard Beep Beep Beep..I looked at the phone and stood there. As walking outside and looking seeing the police. I slowly got into there car the phone up on against my chest my eyes wide open. Was it true my best friend gone? As we got to the police station i walked out as we walked in the police men talked awhile as i stood there. Tapping my thumb against the phone screen. Then the police men asked me to come in. I stood up and walked in the office were there was a tape board. Riley picture was in the middle as other pictures were connected by string. The police men told me to look at the darkest picture, i looked and seen the figure that was killing everyone...i looked closer and closer seeing....Riley.

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