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My People...

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So far I's used:

Jake Sean Hunter, Jake was born with the middle name of Lucas that's what it reads on his birth certificate.

Jakers, but only to some people.



Relationship Status-

Sexual Orientation-

Jake is one of the nicest people you will most likely ever meet, he would give the shirt off his back to almost any one. He often helps people with money, when they need it. Jake although does have a dark side, he will beat the hell out of anyone that chooses to harm one of his friends and or family. It's best to stay on Jake's good side. Other then that though Jake is extremely sweet, he loves to be around people, and he's always the one that can make you laugh. He is really good with both kids an animals. To the point where he can walk up to a random dog with out them barking. The younger kids in the house call hit magic, but Jake had been around people since the day he was born. Jake loves art and every form of art. Dance, music, painting, drawing it all. Jake is the kind of person that it's hard not to fall in love with. He’ll flirt with just about anyone, not meaning that he would date them. He's just a flirt he finds it fun.

Jake had a pretty good life as a child, his family was rather rich, but they never acted like it, other than their hues was rather large. Jake's mother and father took in homeless animals and children when Jake was young, and he plans to follow in their footsteps.

Jake's mother, father, and twelve brothers and sisters were killed in a plan crash when he was eleven. They were on their way to see some family friends in Montana when it crashed. Jake and his sister Holly hadn't wanted to go, so they stayed with a family friend. Jake's best friend Sheaba and her two younger siblings also stayed, her family had left on the same flight. On July 9th 2006, Jake picked up the phone. The young boy dropped to his knees when her heard when had happened, there had been no survivors, all of the 300 or so people had been killed.

Jake had never really slept well in his life, but after this it was merely impossible. Jake would jump awake seeing flashes of their bloody screaming faces. It has gotten some what better with age. But the odd thing is, that Jake sleeps better when certain people are with him. Sheaba is one of these people, even as babies when they were placed in the same crib the two would sleep better. It's still like that, but the two have found other people that it seems to help with too. They have no clue why.

In the faith grade, Jake met a boy by the name of Drake Valdor, the two have hated each other since they set foot into the same classroom. Jake and Drake often get into fights. Over some of the stupidest things, but Drake crossed the line when he started to try to steal Sheaba away from Jake when they were dating. Jake kicked the shit out of the guy, and in return he gave Jake the odd scare that lies over his left eye, and a bullet to the chest. Jake died five times that day. But some how pulled through. Life means a lot to Jake because he came so very close to having it slip away.

At the time Jake lives in the seven story home his parents owned. Jake lives with seem of his close friends, Sheaba, Dakota, Zyammbee, Exammi, Emo, Ka$h, and Hunter. Along with their siblings. Jake is like a father to Sheaba's younger sister Sofy, she was only a year old when the plane crash happened, and the two young kids had to raise her and the other two kids on their own.

Physical Appearance::

Jake has many tatto's large and small, a wolf on his back, a tiger on his right sholder, The names of his siblings run down his back to the wolfs head. His mother and fathers name on his chest, and the name Sheaba on his left arm. A pitbull is on his left shoulder.


Hair Color and Style-

Jake has black memo cut hair that goes to just past his chin. People say that Jake is some what in love with his hair, he never lets it fall out of place. He'll often get mad if some one plays with his hair. He also tends to get quite tired when someone does play with his hair, he has no clue why.

Eye Color-

Jake had midnight blue eyes that change color with his mood. Being an almost black when he is mad, sad, or lying. And an almost white when he's happy, in love, or telling the truth. The rest of the time is eyes are just the midnight blue color, and is a rather pretty shade.

Ht. & Wt.-

6' 151lbs

Identifying Marks-

Jake has snake bites. He body is laced with scares from many things, but now that you notice right off the bat is one over his left eyes, his hair covers it most of the time, but you can still se it. the scare is long and tinted an odd shade of blue.

Spike- A large black and white Great Dane Pitbill Mix, his father had given him the day he left.

Bella- An Alaskan Malamute Wolf Hybrid, that Jake stole from an abusive owner.

Bullhead- A Red Nose Pitbull Jake got from a friend
Nalla- Tan and black tabby Jake found roaming the streets.


Ashlee Knicks
Ka$h hates his real name and he doesn't let any one call him by that name. He goes by the name Ka$h.



Relationship Status-

Sexual Orientation-

Ashlee is a very outgoing person, although at first he is shy and wont really talk to people. He is openly gay and is proud of the fact, although he has been bullied his whole lie Ka$h has still stood strong. Ka$h is a very sweet person and would give the shirt off his back to any one that needed it.
The dark haired male is a big fan of music and does some singing himself, he also loves animals and art.

Ka$h was born on December 27th 1993 to Kenny and Megan Knicks. Ka$h was raised in a good home with a loving family. At the age of seven Ka$h came home one day to his parents fighting, his mom was screaming and crying, calling his father a cheater. Ka$h didn't under stand what would happen, but with in the next few day his mother was gon along with all of her things. Ka$h's father wasn't quiet ure what to do after that he had to rase a chid on his own. After a few years Kenny started bringing a man named Robert around the house. The two men soon became close. Ka$h then found out that his father had alway had feeling for men, but he wanted a child so he got with his mother.
Ka$h never saw his mom again, she never came to see him, he had no clue were to woman went. At the age of twele Ka$h Kenny and Rob, and Rob's two daughters moved to the US and starting thier lives there. Ka$h soon started having feeling for boys that he went to school with. He told his father and Kenny just smiled telling him that he couldn't help who he fell in love with.
Ka$h came home one day to Rob nd his father on the couch sobbing. Ka$h looked at them rather confused his father told him to come sit down and he did so. Kenny told him that Rob's daughter Lilly had been killed in a car crash. Ka$h was really close to Lilly they had been stuck at the hip for years. Ka$h was lost for a long time, but he still stood strong. Now at the age of nineteen Ka$h still lives at home with his father and the rest of him family.

Physical Appearance-

Eye color-
Bright blueish green

Snake bites, and his right ear is pierced.

A wolf and a lamb on his left arm, two boys kissing on his right, a eagle wolf and raven on his back, 'Before 'You' I Serve Nothing' on his chest. Along with little tattoo's here and there.

Hair Color-
Ka$h Has rather dark some what curly brown hair.

Ht. & Wt.: 6'1" 142

Identifying Marks: Ka$h has snake bites that he changes out often. Although the ones that he wears most are two small skulls. Ka$h has his right ear peirced and a long scare runs over his neck. Ka$h has almost to many tattoos to count. A wolf on his back, BVB star on his right arm, boys kissing on his write arm, heart on his neck, a hand wrapped in barbedwire on his left arm, the list goes on.
General Appearance: Ka$h is tall with a long body and limbs. Other then the scare on his neck, much of Ka$h's body is laced with scare. Ka$h has abs that show just slightly under his skin, he's not one to show off when it comes that that kind of stuff.
Pitty Boy(Pretty Boy)- A blue nosed pitbull Ka$h got fot his twelth birthday.
DominO- A black and white pitbull Ka$h found tied under a freeway.
Bo- A red tail Boa Ka$h got at a petstore.
Silver- I silver Bangle Ka$h founf on the streets.


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