||Breaking down in sorrow|| Sorrow, Horror Story

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||Breaking down in sorrow|| Sorrow, Horror Story

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Everyone knew him as the wolf who made everyone happy, but he was just a best friend of the Alpha's everyone knew his name everyone knew the rank he was. But he wasn't always the happiest wolf he was always down and put in hell of which he was always in. His name was Ambush his parents named him that because of how many times he would dart away from his friends or his family to be alone in the dark woods of Barrow Alaska. Was it really that much to ask for? too be alone for god sake but no it was a lot too ask for in this pack. Lets get the story started.
"AMBUSH!" Yelled Alpha Hale known as Derek and his mate Olivia and their pup Jacob.
Ambush came running as he slammed his feet for a complete stop as he looked at Derek and dipped his head in respected.

"No need for that Ambush your a great friend i know your always gonna respected me even as a alpha." Derek rubbed his muzzle on Ambush's jaw and smiled
'I need you too go hunting, if you want you can bring Skylar along with ya." Derek said smileing since Skylar was Ambush's bestest friend beside Derek himself.
"Yes Alpha Hale." Ambush's crystal glew light blue just like his eyes giveing out a happy mood. Ambush took off with a steady jog to get toward Skylar.
"Skylar!" Yelled Ambush out too him in a calm voice, Here came Skylar running as he then stopped looking at Ambush nicely
"Hey Ambush! whatcha need bud." He smiled as his tail swadded back and forth giveing off a excited mood he loved to go hunting since it was hunting season already.
"Alpha Hale needs us to go hunting! it's close to winter so we need to start getting food packed up before blizzards start hitting our territory." Ambush said as he looked down at Skylar
"Seem's understandable i would love to go!" Skylar jumped and smiled at Ambush as he also had a really bad feeling in his gut like something bad was gonna happen.
"Let's go before the storm hits." Ambush said as Skylar and him took off in the woods.
There paws hit the ground hard was the storm started and it started to sprinkle they went quite far in the woods since there was no elk or deer scented or seen anywhere in the woods near the territory so they needed to go separate directions.
"Skylar go that way i'll go this way!" Ambush yelled as he turned and darted in the right direction skylar went left as he then was left alone which made Skylar have more of a bad feeling in his gut he knew something was gonna happen so he just walked to the road before stepping on the road he looked down sides seeing a slippery dark road it was night and it was pouring raining. He looked up as the rain hit his face, he stepped on the road and went to cross it. He heard a gun load as he turned to the sound standing in the middle of the road. Ambush heard the gun load as he turned and started to take off toward skylar.
"SKYLAR!!!!!" Screams Ambush as he saw Skylar standing there in fear Ambush jumped onto the ground and the gun was fired and Ambush jumped infront of Skylar and felt a sharp pain in the chest hitting the ground.
"AMBUSH!" Skylar eyes widden as he begun to whimper and cry tears filled his eyes He bend down and begun to lick his wound. Rain was pouring Ambush blood went across the road mixing with the rain on the road. Skylar stood up and howled. Back at the pack everyone ears perked and glared that direction and took off toward Skylar and Ambush. Before he noticed Derek was here everyone was there eyes filled with teares.
"Ambush....." Said Derek, he walked up closer and bend down his eyes filled and a tear dripped off his muzzle and onto the road.
"He's dead.....he's...dead" Derek muttered under his breath wanting to just cry his eyes out before he could blink. Ambush heart stopped beating, everyone loved Ambush ambush was a big part of the family he was always there for everyone even if he had a bad day he made everyone smile. Ambush had a family of his own which his family stood infront of him.
"DAD!" Honor Ambush's son came running with his mother crying Honor dug his face into Ambush's fur  crying. As Hazel stood there and bend down to her mate and cried.  Ambush was everything to everyone not just a best friend but family too everyone... anyone would be lucky to have him part of their family.  Skylar still remembers the saying Ambush always said “They say there’s no such place… as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there’s nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it’s always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that… Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me… It says, “Search for Paradise.”

Note: Ambush Skylar and Derek were all Wolves i made back in 2010, Ambush dieing happend for real in 2010 (rp i made) Everything in this story happend.

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